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Our Services


We Redesign.

Our Redesign services provide brands and designers solutions for dead stock, unsold collections, or other sources of textile waste you may encounter. The more unique the material, the more exciting of a challenge for us.

We Sew.

Our Sewing services offer brands and designers local production here in our home of Copenhagen, Denmark. We work with clients who wish to utilize textile waste, recycled and up-cycled materials.

We Repair.

Our Repair services increase clothing quality and longevity. Our studio helps designers and brands make anew of faulty finish and low quality pieces, paving circularity one item at a time.

Our values



after_flow creation aims to ensure an inclusive workplace. We create jobs for refugee and immigrant women who may face social exclusion from unemployment or cultural differences. Our positions foster sewing skills, ensuring social, cultural, and economic independence for those who join us.

We believe every fashion brand should be committed to the principles of human rights, such as fair wages and safe working conditions. At after_flow creation, our seamstresses, tailors, and designers are all guaranteed these baseline tenets.

We embrace each day as a new opportunity to promote inclusivity and diversity within the fashion industry.


The fashion industry’s supply chain conceals a fragmented host of social, economic, and environmental problems, often resulting in exploitative and ambiguous practices.

after_flow provides local solutions for clothing production. We help designers and brands maintain supply chain control, production proximity and involvement, as well as assured working conditions and wages. We take these steps to pave an easier path for those seeking to implement ethics and transparency in their business structure.

We consistently strive to form relations and support within our local communities, especially through collaborative events.


Fast fashion culture is not sustainable. It excessively burdens landfills, pollutes the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses, and destroys our environment. The European Union’s Waste Framework Directive instead drives the generation of a secondary raw material from discarded fabrics.

By creating anew from textile waste, after_flow implements circularity one crafted piece at a time. We independently and collaboratively source our materials to provide circular service from the beginning of an idea to a finished product.

Our efforts seek to put the Danish fashion industry at the forefront of establishing a climate-positive sector.

Production steps


1. Do you want to produce a small collection out of up-cycled material? we are the right studio for you! contact us!

2. We first do a prototype based on your first sample or pattern if you have one. We help with patterns as well.

3. After making the first prototype we can estimate a price production.